Are you looking to expand your successful business into new markets? 
Or maybe you’ve already entered a new market and your company is not performing as you had expected.

Having successfully established a business in your home market the next step is to expand overseas. Launching a product or service overseas needs a strong marketing strategy and market entry plan - you will need detailed knowledge of the markets you wish to enter. With 20 years international marketing experience I am an expert in marketing overseas and know what to consider when entering new markets and which pitfalls to avoid.

All businesses continuously face new challenges and have to create new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition – to remain visible, different and better. All of this is even more crucial when entering a new market, as you’re faced with different and often unfamiliar challenges and cultures.

I can guide you through the international marketing maze, leading you to a marketing strategy which suits your company’s needs and resulting in a strong competitive advantage and growth for your business.

Contact me today to see how I can help grow your business and increase your competitive edge in new markets.

Your marketing strategy is the way you make sure you’re getting the maximum impact from your limited marketing budget and time.

I offer strategic marketing with an international focus – specialising in the marketing of products & services for companies entering new markets in Western & Eastern Europe - or for companies wanting to review their marketing strategy in underperforming overseas markets.

  • Understanding the market
    and business context.Click to take the first step to overseas success…
  • Understanding the target consumer.Now the next step…
  • Developing a customer driven marketing strategy.Now plan your market entry…
  • Implementation of marketing plans – brand/product launches.The final step…

You know how your business is positioned within your own market and who your key competitors are – how is it in the market you are planning to enter? I can fully research the details of your target country, ensuring you have a clear picture of the market and business before developing a full business plan.

You fully understand your target customers in your domestic market – how do these differ overseas? Do these same groups exist or are the target customers totally different? Whether you’re targeting other businesses or consumers, it’s absolutely crucial to fully understand your target customers before entering any new market. I can conduct full market research (qualitative & quantitative) to identify the key target customers and to fully understand what is most important to them in relation to your product or service.

You have an established brand and products, you need to ensure that they fit culturally into the new country - that your overall offering will appeal to your target customers and that there is nothing which will offend them.

Together we can build a marketing strategy that is true to your brand and will ensure that you appeal to your target customers internationally to deliver competitive advantage and long-term growth for your business. Key issues such as how do you reach these customers, whether other businesses or consumers, will be detailed in the marketing plan. The strategy will cover all areas from how and where should the product be sold, through to marketing communication issues, such as advertising, digital marketing and PR.

Once the detailed marketing plan has been created it then needs to be implemented. Working with a team of experts in various markets, I can manage the launch of your product in the new market.

Working with Comley Marketing has considerable benefits. Being an individual consultant I have the flexibility to fit to your company’s needs: I work with you personally on all issues so you benefit directly from my knowledge and expertise. When activities in specialist areas such as graphic design, sales management, events or PR are needed then I can bring in an equally experienced expert from my network.

I am a commercially focused marketer with 20 years experience with international leading brands both as a client and as a consultant.

My specialties are strategic marketing planning, brand development, consumer insight and marketing communications – across B2C and B2B. I am passionate about creating strong brands and understanding customers. I love finding out what really drives customers in order to create successful marketing strategies. It’s only by truly understanding your customers, both trade and consumer, that you can develop a marketing strategy to achieve long term commercial success.

I’ve worked in the automotive, telecoms, luxury and food service industries gaining valuable, international experience: Western & Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and the USA. This and living in Germany, for over eight years, has given me a strong understanding of customer needs across diverse cultures and segments. I know how to develop and implement marketing strategies to suit different markets to achieve growth.

My knowledge and experience will ensure you get maximum impact from your limited marketing budget and resource, delivering long-term growth for your business overseas.

All projects are delivered with a positive ‘hands-on’ mentality and a good sense of humour!

Chartered Marketer with the CIM
Member of the Market Research Society
English - native speaker
German – fluent
French - good

My clients value the fact that my approach is open, direct and that I listen to what they need, delivering results tailored to best achieve each client’s goals.

Some of the projects undertaken to date are shown below:

  • A leading international, professional refrigeration manufacturer was already present in Germany, but performance was far below expectations. They wanted to know why and how best to approach the market to ensure growth.

I conducted a major market study to understand the German food service sectors requirements for refrigeration products by identifying the key drivers in the market for trade and end-customers. I planned and conducted qualitative in-depth interviews with both trade customers and end-customers and managed an external agency to also conduct focus groups. The final analysis and subsequent market entry plan enabled the client to understand the key issues to consider to achieve success in the German market and how best to structure the three key areas of sales, service and marketing.

  • A German luxury watch brand wanted to expand into the UK and wanted to understand more about the market. I researched the British market, focusing on the luxury sector. The report identified potential barriers to market entry and key issues that are critical for success for a luxury brand in the UK, enabling the watch brand to make key decisions.

  • A digital consultancy in the UK conducts an annual pan-European study to assess the quality of customer service from 25 car manufacturers when responding to customer queries for new models. I have now done the study for the German market twice. The study provides benchmarks and best practice for the manufacturers and it’s clear to see how they’ve improved the structure and quality of their response process since the first study in 2011.

Prior to being a strategic marketing consultant I worked many years clientside with Honda, Nokia and Vertu:

  • I began my marketing career with the premium automotive brand Honda, working in the European marketing team, where I was part of the team that built the infrastructure capable of growing sales from 100,000 to 250,000 per annum.

  • I joined Nokia in 1999 and after two years in their global consumer insight team, joined their luxury subsidiary and spent 10 years building the luxury communications brand, Vertu in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). I was a key member of the team who established the luxury mobile phone category in Europe.

  • In 2004 I moved to Germany with Vertu. My last position with the luxury brand was Head of EMEA Marketing, where I strategically managed all marketing activities across the EMEA region (over 40 countries including Western & Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Middle East and India - approx. 45% of turnover). I significantly contributed to sales more than doubling in the first year and ensuring that Vertu remained the category leader.

The next step after developing a strong marketing strategy is to implement it.

To do this successfully it’s important to have a strong group of professionals, who can deliver a successful multi-channel communications programme, encompassing advertising, events, PR, online, social media through to sales management.

I work with a core group of professionals in both the UK and across Europe and can ensure you have the solution best suited to your company.

So how can I help?

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